American Ninjutsu Academy

The American Ninjutsu Academy located in Archdale, North Carolina, has been serving the Triad for 14 years. It is the Instructor's goal to provide the Triad with unsurpassed skills and techniques to facilitate an effective defense against an assault.

Realistic Self-Defense Skills Free App

This application can help anyone to start to learn the concepts that form a realistic style of self-defense. Any person can learn some valuable insights from these sections, however no app or book can replace person training with a school. Students of American Ninjutsu will find this app even more valuable as a reference guide to the skills they learn in class.

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Realistic Self-Defense Skills

We are a premiere self defense provider offering reality based self defense programs designed to be quickly learned and usable. Unlike traditional martial arts American Ninjutsu as taught under Personal Protection Concepts (PPC) , a person is not required to learn years of study to utilize this system. Not A Sport -No Hocus Pocus Real Defense Skills - No Memorized Step By Step Movements

Wilderness Survival Skills

Knowing how to survive in the wilderness is a vital part of the training in Ninjutsu and help to make a warrior a more well round person by being able to overcome not just physical attacks but also attack by mother nature.

Modern Weapon Training

We understand that carrying around a sword strapped to your back is not a practical thing, not to mention brining allot of attention and questions to one’s self. With this mind we include hand gun , rifle, flashlight and other common weapon training. Teaching not only how to defend against but also in the use of them. While empty hand training is vital, we do not feel like student must train for a long period of time before learning to use weapons that help them increase their chance of survival. Each rank in American Ninjutsu has a specific weapon assigned to that rank. The training member will learn to use that weapon in real time defense such as sparing and in self defense techniques from various attacks and grabs.

Historic Weapon Training

While some traditional martial arts weapons may not be as practical as modern weapons, we still including them as part of training as they help to teach the skill that can be used in other weapons similar to them, and lets face it learning to use a sword or throwing stars is fun.The Following weapons are required for various ranks: Half Staff - Club - Sword - Staff - Strap & Net - Knife - Hand Gun

Christian Values

Martial arts training without teaching spiritual values is more likely to product aggressive students. We incorporate Christian values into our teaching. This school is a Non-Profit Corporation; all monthly class dues go towards training equipment, camps, building rent and supplies. The instructors volunteer their time to the school to teach others the life saving skills that everyone has a right to know, regardless of income. We do not require any long term contracts. The monthly membership dues are among the lowest in the area .

General Well-being thru a Healthy Life Style

We offer personal free guidance to any students that request it in the area of eating correctly based upon our personal experiences. This combined with trying to maintain a balance of training Mentally, Physically & Spiritually to truly become a complete warrior.

Whats the meaning of our logo?

This is the details of the logo for the American Ninjutsu Academy, the meanings are taking from various sources and compiled into a design and definition that describes the three ways a warrior must train at our school at High Point, NC: Mentally Physically & Spiritually

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